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Who we are

We are your one stop shop to happiness!   Visit us daily for a little motivation and advice on  how to be positive and live your life to its fullest. 

We offer a variety of services that include....

*The Pamper Chest - your monthly subscription to luxurious products delivered right to your door.

*Love wine?  Indulge in the finest wines from around the world.  Subscribe to our wine club and taste wines that you will not find in your local grocery store.

*Bartending Services - We specialize in making your private event special.  Bar Menus and Cocktails created just for you.  


The Pamper Chest


The Pamper Chest is getting a make-over.  Check back soon and get ready to  pamper yourself and celebrate YOU!  

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Direct Cellars


 CHOOSE 6, 4 OR 2

Red or white or a mix of both!

We pride ourselves on exploring many great wines, selecting the best, and educating wine lovers.

Each month, our experts select superior wines from vineyards around the globe.

Each selection is accompanied by our connoisseur wine tasting notes, detailing the rich history behind each wine and what makes it special.

When you find a wine you love, you can order cases of your favorites at discounted pricing.

Our goal is to help you fill your cellar with wine you love, wine that you are confident about, that you are proud of and most importantly, wine that you are excited to share with your friends.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Our Partners

mind bend'n entertainment


 MindBend'n Entertainment is a music production facility with Music Producers, Songwriters, Musicians and Arrangers.  

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Body Silk Boutique

Body Silk Boutique

 Body Silk Boutique...The home of CBD (Cannabidiol) infused body treatments. Our mini luxury studio specializes in skin care, body treatments.and massage therapy. Our talented and licensed professionals are here to pamper, educate, and create a blissful and therapeutic experience your body deserves. 

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